2015 Donor listing

Elite Donors

Most of the K9’s we help come from a Law Enforcement background.
We decided that we would use the standard Police Department rank
structure to associate our elite donors and the amount that they committed to our mission.

Chief- $20k +

Captain- $10k +


619 Cantina

Chick’s Oyster Bar

Lieutenant- $5k +

Robert Sanchez

John and Mary Camp Foundation

Rod & Kerry Henkels Family Charitable Fund

Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation

Georges Reuter

Pivot Point Crossfit

Sergeant- $1k +

Henkels & McCoy

Freddie & Johnnieee

Roger E. Magowitz

Doug Beck

Paul Sohn

Michael Early

Buddy & Julie Rake

Barbara Creighton

Aleco Bravo

Kim Wheeler

Camp-Younts Foundation

Henkels & McCoy

John Meadows

Dr. Robert Cleaves

Mark Reed

Leonard Schuster


Corporal- $999-less

Over 300 Corporal’s have donated to our mission.

We are Very, Very Grateful.

Happy 2016 Everyone.