Gear Counts when it’s time to do business

K9 Storm is the company we use when we provide harness gear to K9 Teams. I used their equipment in combat and I have helped them develop a few of their vests. Their equipment is guaranteed for life.

Here are a few photos and some detail on their process’and quality.

K9 Storm Milling

K9 Storm Design: When a competed K9 Storm Sizing Kit arrives, we must individually digitize patterns for each dogs specifics. Our patented custom-fit design is what sets K9 Storm Vests apart from anything else available on the market. From there, the patterns are brought down to the cutting table. (you may notice our factory dog “Boots” helping in the design room)
K9 Storm Cutting Table: This is where we lay out all of our various fabrics required to manufacture a K9 Storm Vest. Materials such as Kevlar for the ballistic panels are cut to the patterns that our design team first creates.
K9 Storm Embroidery: The cut components then make their way over to our embroidery machines. Here, we embroider components such as our logo, the “POLICE” or “SHERIFF” patches, or the “Generously donated by…” panel. Every K9 Storm Vest donated by Spikes K9 Fund has the embroidery you see in the picture.
K9 Storm Sewing: After the components are cut and embroidered, they must then be assembled by our highly skilled sewers. Sewing is an art form and our dedication to perfection stands out in the craftsmanship of our end products. Every K9 Storm Product is manufactured and assembled in our factory in Canada.
– K9 Storm Electronics: K9 Storm manufactures and tests all of our electronics in-house for items such as the K9 Storm Intruder. Pictured is one of our electronic technicians soldering extremely tiny parts on an electrical board. These parts can be as small as a speck of pepper and can only be soldered accurately with magnification.
K9 Storm Milling: K9 Storm’s milling department manufactures a variety of K9 Storm components. Milled parts start as a large plates of material, and through a variety of stages are cut down to the intricate shapes that you see on our products. We manufacture our K9 Storm exclusive aerospace aluminum hardware for our leashes, harnesses, and vests in our milling department, as well as all components for the K9 Storm Intruder.

K9 Storm Embroidery

K9 Storm Electronics

K9 Storm Design