CWD Caras + “K9 Max” Movie





Check out CWD Caras.  New set of wheels purchased with your generous donations.  When I received this photo last night from Amanda, I had just finished taking part in an early showing of the “K9 Max” movie.  The studio and one of the screeners had generously offered to let me say a few words about Spike’s K9 Fund before the movie began.  We had our crew, the “Pretty-Lethals” (more on them later) there to hand out fliers as people exited.  I was pretty emotional about seeing CWD Caras with his new rig and that combined with the movie (tough for me for obvious reasons) made me pretty emotional.  People came out of the theater, saw me and I could see that their eyes were wet from emotion as well.  People stuffed cash into my hand and I’ve received a few donations from the website in the last 12 hours.

What does all of this mean?

To me it means that we are at a place where Americans are beginning to see the sacrifices and hard work that these Working Dogs have put into our safety and well-being.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that we at Spike’s K9 Fund have been given because of your generosity.  We have spent a little over $10,000.00 on helping working K9’s since we started this little organization last November.

We’ve helped Working K9 Teams in Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Virginia.

Today I received the second set of blueprints for the “Spike’s K9 Fund” Kennel. I’ll share those in the next blog post. Things are rolling along and I am humbled.

This is just a big fat “Thank You” blogpost.

We are grateful.