K9 Athena-

We have done a bit for K9 Athena and her Pilot, “Polly.”
I wanted to share, with her permission, an email she sent me today to keep me apprised of what is going on with Athena. It is important that people understand the bond and love that those who work with K9’s, have with them.

Athena checked in this morning. They are running test re taking xrays and going to start her on antibiotics just to be safe. They had to order the right implant and it will be here Monday. So right now surgery has been set for Monday and Athena will be staying at Stillwater being treated like a princess. She has only tried to bite one male doctor when we left her.

When you call please ask for Leanne she will be able to help you.

It was so hard leaving Athena crying I hated leaving her but they have to be able to work on Athena and hopefully without me there it will easy her a little so they can work on her.


Thank You for your generosity-

Send Athena and Polly some good energy-