Check it out.  Today I received this email:



Helen sent me information to contact you. 
Athena and I work for a small rural Sheriff’s Office in Southeastern Oklahoma. The Sheriff’s Office does not have the funding to pay for any medical that Athena or other working dogs may need. Athena has been on staff with the Sheriff’s Office since May of 2012 and has worked for two different Sheriff’s. Athena is a police K9 that has had one hip replacement surgery and still needs the other hip replaced. Athena still works with the kids and does PR work.  We had planned on letting Athena just do PR work and me using K9 Reiko for patrol work. K9 Reiko was a Military working dog that served  2 years before coming to us in October of 2012. K9 Reiko served with K9 Athena until February 27, 2015 on this day. K9 Reiko passed away suddenly due to a brain aneurysm. With the death of Reiko it has put Athena back into working patrol with me. Athena really needs her hip replaced so she can work without as much pain. Athena loves to work is the only reason that she has not been retired. The vets have told me that there is no reason that Athena could not work with having her hips replaced. Athena’s first hip surgery was done at Oklahoma State University. Athena is scheduled for her next surgery on April 28, 2015. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.  
So here is the deal….Athena needs help.  Her Pilot and her community need her out there keeping them safe.  We will help them.
Click HERE to go to their “Go Fund Me” account and donate any amount you can.  What they don’t get in donations, Spike’s K9 Fund will cover.
This is our mission.
Thank You for your support.