This story shows us what happens with working K9’s.  There are several points in this story that relate directly to our mission here at Spike’s K9 Fund.  The details about how the Police Officer was treated and then saved are the eye grabbers.  But for you who follow us, key in on the part about the mechanism that the police officer used to get the K9 involved in the fight and ultimately saving his life.  The “door-popper” is an item I think every K9 Officer would like to have but they cost $ and in this case, this officer was in one of the two vehicles out of four K9 Patrol Cars that was outfitted with the mechanism.  Obviously he was very fortunate on many levels.  Our Mission at Spike’s K9 Fund is to provide the work K9’s and their “Pilots” with the best and most effective gear to keep them alive in situations like the one in the story.  We need your help.  Please “click” on the donate button.

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