On any average day I get 3 to 4 emails or Facebook links sent to me with some cute or cool Dog video.  Sometimes they are cute, sometimes they show working Dogs doing amazing things.  Sometimes they are sad and sometimes they show cruelty or abuse being committed on Dogs.

I appreciate the recognition from people but I’d like to suggest something.

When you are clicking and you watch or want to send someone a cool, sad, disturbing link about K9’s, you are using precious time.

So, if you feel compelled, please spend those clicks and seconds sending out links to organizations that help K9’s.  If it isn’t our organization, pick one you feel strongly about.

As with movies or books about war… is cool to be entertained, but it is much more meaningful if you can help the real life  individuals associated with your entertainment.

There are people doing amazing things for Dogs.

Help them with your precious time and click quota!