K9 Max









Meet “K9 Max”







K9 Max is a young Narcotics Dog who is still in training and who will be doing his work in some dangerous spots

We are going to purchase K9 Max a type of harness that I used when I was in the military.

It is called the “Aerial Insertion Harness” and it is used for K9’s who need to get places by means other than walking.

K9 Max has some big adventures ahead of him and I want him to be as prepared as he can be for them.

The Harness is expensive and we will need to pick up our fundraising efforts to be able to provide this level of quality protection to the Dogs who need it.

Thank you for your generosity already. ¬†Your donations and t-shirts purchases have funded the helping of other K9’s and the building of this website.

Please pass our mission along on your social media accounts and help us raise some more $.

-I thank you and so does K9 Max-