“Thirty Seconds Out”

art+This is a photo of me holding a piece of Art I just received from my buddy “Evan” out of www.thirtysecondsout.com”

Evan (pronounced Eeeevan) was a part of the crew of guys who were part of, but not with the group of Americans who were killed on Extortion 17 in August of 2011.

The last transmission from Extortion 17 was “thirty seconds out.”

Evan painted this from a grainy photo of Spike and me and “Meatball” coming home from work one morning.

This Art serves to remind me that I’m here (as is Evan) because Driven, Aggressive Dogs saved our asses.

I will do my best to help the ones I can.

Donate if you can. $5.00 is $ I can spend on a Dog who needs it.

Check Out Evan’sĀ other stuff.