Yesterday I took “Mina” the Spike’s K9 Fund “Model” and we went to help out with a class on Dogs. We were able to interact with some children ages 6-9. Mina was a star of course. We watched a really good video that shows children how to properly greet a Dog. I am very surprised at how many people approach Dogs incorrectly. Here is the video if you care to watch it.

After we all watched the video we tried the lesson on Mina. She responded nicely. The young lady who’d volunteered was exceptionally attentive during the video and did the prescribed actions as briefed.

After this we asked Mina to do some tricks and some jumping and then the lovely assistant I brought with me put on the bite sleeve so the kids could see a Dog do that type of work.

It was a really fun day for Mina and I. We were really happy to be able to show kids the right way to deal with Dogs. It was so cool to be invited.

Thank You Ms. Borum