So I messed around with a few different designs for the logo and this one seems to me the best.
Obviously my arrogance is significant enough that I used a silhouette of Spike and myself in front of the large star. The smaller stars represent the Dogs I served with who were killed in action. The other names that go along with those stars are “Toby” “Falco” and “Remco.” “Remco” saved my life the night I was wounded. Later on when things settle down and there aren’t 100 people writing their version of the NAVY SEAL story, I’ll talk about those Dogs and how incredible each of them were.

I’ll do it for free- When I went through BUD/s my favorite instructor was a Dog Handler in Vietnam. He didn’t charge me for his stories.

When I think back on the things we (me and the Dogs and my crew) did together I have a difficult time remembering anything good. Mostly I remember my mistakes. The one gleaming bright positive thing I remember is the collective beauty of those Dogs doing their jobs. Their drive and focus was unsurpassed and anytime they struggled to complete their mission it was the fault of the humans that they were attached to or a training scenario we (the humans responsible for training them) hadn’t dreamed up. They were always fearless and their instincts and ferocity saved many lives. The logo is significant. Those Dogs are significant. Thanks-