This is a photo taken from inside a helo over some rough terrain with me and Spike and a few others.

We were on our commute home from the night shift and the sun had risen.

When I look at this, I immediately remember how Spike saved my ass on multiple occasions.

I miss him and I want to carry on his drive and spirit through this non-profit.

There are Working K9’s out there doing crazy dangerous things on a nightly basis to protect their crew and their communities.

They deserve the best gear and the best care they can receive.

I want Spike’s K9 Fund to be the “go to” crew when people need help keeping their K9 team safe and effective.  I want to be there on the other end, when the working K9 can no longer do it’s job and deserves to be taken care of.

Today we sent a bite suit to a K9 team in the Dept. of Homeland Security in Indiana.

Thank you for your donations and for taking the time to look at this photo.

Help me carry Spike’s spirit.