Vests in help in many ways

We recently met with K9 Rex in Franklin County VA. We wanted to meet him because he was actually saved from some major injuries because of the custom fit K9 Storm ballistic vest provided by you, our supporters.

Rex was working alongside his partner and some US Marshals and located a suspect hiding in the attic, inside a trash bag. Rex is 11 years old and will retire soon, but in spite of his seniority, he apprehended the suspect with his teeth. After the suspect was being taken into custody by his human teammates Rex fell through a hole in the ceiling onto the floor below. The floor was covered in drywall screws and because Rex was wearing his vest, he was saved from serious injury.

It was great to see Rex and see that he was still kicking ass because of our generous supporters. From here on out I will refer to you as the “Spike’s Pack” because like a dog pack, we all watch out for each other and ensure that all are cared for.

It is very compelling to see our “Spike’s Pack” donations doing good things for the K9’s who work so hard for us.

Thanks 1000 times! Enjoy this video of K9 Rex. A recipient of your kindness and generosity!

With gratitude,


P.S. I was accepted to Yale as an undergrad! I’ll be a 52 year old college student!

Life and Death

If you don’t follow the Officer Down Memorial Page you should.

I do and it helps me remember that what we ask of our law enforcement agencies can be very expensive. It regularly costs members of that community their lives.

Our role at Spike’s K9 Fund is to help them. We help a K9 and the K9 helps their handler, who in turn helps his team and that team helps the department which in turn helps the community. The ripples are significant.

I want to ensure that as many people as possible who help us out or visit our social media spaces understand that we are not involved in a fluffy endeavor to help cute dogs. We are a part of a large crew that tries to protect the decency we need to thrive as a nation.

People and Dogs are regularly killed trying to make sure that the rest of us can go about our day in a safe manner. We at Spike’s K9 Fund, relish the opportunity to create a better situation for those K9’s and their departments and we are grateful to our supporters for investing in our mission and understanding the life and death nature of the work we support.

As you go about your week, please be grateful to those who have made it their life’s mission to ensure our decent way of existence.



Summer Heat

More K9’s are killed annually by heat than are killed by violence with potential suspects.

Often these deaths go unreported.

We at Spike’s K9 Fund, aim to stop this type of thing from happening and with your help we can do so.

With your donation to the K9 Piper Kit Campaign you can fund technology that allows K9’s to be saved in the event of an air conditioning or engine failure in a vehicle.

We work with a great company, Ace K9,

they have developed a great system to keep K9’s safe. It’s called the “Hot-n-Pop” system and it pops the doors of a vehicle if the interior temperature of that vehicle reaches a dangerous level.

Summer is coming. There are K9’s out there, all over the country, working on our behalf. We want to ensure that they are properly cared for.

Thank you for your support.

Hitting for the cycle

A few weeks ago, our donors helped us raise over $200k at the inaugural Spike’s Soirée. Home run.

Last Friday we went to Montgomery County, Maryland to do a small fundraiser in celebration of our donors helping equip 21 K9’s with custom ballistic vests. Double.

Saturday, because of the success at the Soirée, we fitted 12 Police K9’s in and around Pittsburg PA. Triple.

Tomorrow, me and Mina will be a part of a Memorial unveiling to celebrate the sacrifices of the humans AND K9’s in the War on Terror, at the College of the Ozarks. Single.

These things are amazing. We are very, very fortunate.

We are also just getting started.

Thank you.

mission focus

Happy Monday! I hope your week is starting off well.

Since we started Spike’s K9 Fund, we have had some very good suggestions by many of our social media audience relating to the perceived obligations of the municipalities that employ K9’s for public safety. Essentially the discussion goes something like this; we post a photo of a K9 in need and then in the comments section, someone will write something along the lines of “If the city can’t pay for the K9’s care and equipment, then they shouldn’t use K9’s.”

While we may or may not agree with that sentiment, our mission is not to engage with city councils or other local, regional or national political organizations to help them re-focus tax dollars in their annual budgets.

If you, the comments section do-gooder, want to go to city council meetings and implore the elected officials to re-distribute tax revenue, we applaud your efforts. Unfortunately, what often happens is that people write things in a comments sections and feel like they’ve done their part.

While I appreciate the comments as it drives more exposure of our mission in the social media environment, it is frustrating that to some people comments = action.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most folks don’t take more that 10 seconds to view a video we post. I can see that statistic in the analytics on facebook. Your comments are not a substitute for action. They are fluff. They carry no weight.

I recommend trying to do something for the K9’s.

Our supporters have helped us help over 830 K9’s. They didn’t really do it with comments. They did it in a number of ways; donating, sharing our mission on social media, asking their local K9 teams what they may need, sending supplies to deployed K9’s etc.

So, if you want to comment I get it, but know that your comments about the obligations of cities, counties, states and our national K9 programs will fall on deaf ears.

Want to do something meaningful? Help us out. Share our mission, donate, send supplies to deployed K9’s.

Our MISSION is to care for all working K9’s. We appreciate your support.

Have a great week.

1st Annual Spike’s Soirée


This past weekend we had our first annual Spike’s Soirée event at the Cavalier Yacht and Country Club.

The dust has settled a bit and as I sit back and reflect, I am amazed and humbled.

This whole Spike’s K9 Fund thingy started back in 2014 with a sweatshirt and facebook.

Now we are having an annual event that raised over $200k.

The progress we’ve made is amazing and it is a true testament to the amazing people that we’ve met along the way. I am a high school drop-out. I have no experience in the business world. What I do have is an Emily. Our Director of Operations, Emily Grey is my true ace. She is a source of light and positivity and earnest hard work.

The Soirée was Emily’s idea. Some of her other ideas populate our online store. Her thoughtfulness and kind demeanor set the mood for how we interact with our supporters as well as our detractors.

Our donors are amazing. From the folks who write big checks to those who send us what they can afford on a fixed budget, we know that each and every donation is an INVESTMENT in our mission to care for these amazing animals that we employ to help us lead safer lives.

Our volunteers continue to give freely of their most precious resource, their time. We could not operate without them.

This whole effort is a huge collective of goodness and generosity.

I am the luckiest guy in the world.

Thank you.

Fur Courage

This past weekend we were part of a very cool event!

The Fur Courage event for the Crosshairs Foundation

We were invited to head up to Detroit and talk a bit about our mission and the way we started. It was a very compelling weekend. The folks from the Crosshairs Foundation pulled out all the stops. The speaking venue and event were tip top. It was an awesome opportunity to meet up with new people who share our interests in caring for K9’s and the other members of the Law Enforcement Community. We also participated in their bowling event. What a fabulous time. The public interest was significant. Local news stations at both events and the social media bump for our collectives causes was significant.

At then end of it, I am left with this feeling of positivity. We see an awful lot of conflict and hateful dialogue on the regular. The Fur Courage Event showed me that people all over the country are keen to take care of each other and their communities. So much so that they will take a couple of weekend days off to work hard to help others.

We are fortunate to be Americans and we are fortunate to have a community that inherently, in spite of the negativity we are surrounded by, wants goodness and proves it by working hard for those who risk much for our safety and comfort.

Joe Miller, you and your crew are incredible and we are grateful for your invite.

Thank you!

P.S. you really should take the time to watch this badass video


K9 Work

Hello and happy Monday.


I was not a K9 guy until very late in my military career and like many of you, I was very impressed (hell I still am) with the drives that exist in a 70 lb Dog to make her/him full on attack a 200 lb criminal or terrorist or whatever you’d like to call the person you are sending a Dog on. It’s just flat out amazing.

The truth is, the K9’s are capable of so much more than that, and much of their other abilities are even more amazing than the bite work.

This weekend we posted a story on our facebook page about a K9 finding some lost children in the woods. Tracking through neighborhoods on pavement and through the woods for hours is a very tough thing.

We rarely hear about this type of thing but it happens quite frequently. K9’s find children, elderly people and lost adventurists all the time. Avalanche Dogs train endlessly to use their keen sense of smell to find avalanche victims. K9’s find drugs and help keep them out of schools and off the street. Bomb Dogs work at every airport in the country. Most every sporting event has a K9 or several K9’s who sweep the building before the doors open. There are K9’s who work at mass transit locations and at national parks.

My point is, there are a LOT of K9’s working in the US and overseas on behalf of US interests. Our mission is to make sure that ALL of them get the protection and care that we believe they deserve. During and AFTER their work.

The bite dog stuff is cool and they look amazing in the movies and on TV, but those mediums don’t show the struggles those K9’s will have later in life because of the work we ask them to do.

Be a part of our team. Help us help those K9’s.

Have a great week!


Hello folks!

Emily and Annemarie and Paige have chastised me for not writing the blog in a while! Who are they?

Well, Emily Grey is the Director of Operations and she keeps the wheels on the bus. Annemarie Weaver is our new communications asset and she pretty much backs Emily up on all her opinions. And Paige? Paige Widener is our social media pro. Paige lives out in AZ, and she completes the trifecta of smart, hardworking women that crush our workload. Every Monday we have a video meeting. The meetings are great, we go over the previous weeks #’s and we talk about our various strategies and then, the ladies abuse me for all of my poor habits and choices etc. It’s awesome. In all seriousness, I love them and am extremely grateful for their hard work.

It’s just me and Dave Villaflor in the ring with them. Dave is the fellow who runs our online store and helps us with technical things. Thank God for Dave. He’s good at his job, but he also helps me keep from getting beat down on the regular by the ladies.

I’ve just given you a tiny glimpse of the Spike’s K9 Fund “paid” employees.

There are only a few of us and we need your help!

Right now we have 66 K9’s on our waiting list for things. Things like ballistic vests or heat alarm systems. We need you to help us by donating or sharing our mission with your social media pals.

We’ve helped almost 800 K9’s in 44 states and its because of our supporters. Those who donate and those who pass the word.

Thank you!

Let’s get these 66 K9’s taken care of and continue our mission!

Have a great week!


We are fortunate to be able to interact with various military and law enforcement organizations as we go about our mission.  It is compelling to see the hard work being put in by these crews.


The Humans and K9’s who make it their vocation to “step into the breach” so that the rest of us can live in a decent manner, deserve our respect and support.

It is such an honor to be able to support them.

Thank you, our supporters, for helping us help them.

Hard work.  It’s what makes the difference between “can I?” and “I will.”